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Level 1 Certification Procedures

Before registering, please consult the Guidance Documents and the Summary of Topics for Spore Analyst Level 1 Certification. A candidate should feel confident about the information outlined in these documents. In addition, it is strongly recommended that 6 months of full-time or 1 year part-time counting experience is needed before attempting the certification program. Failure to pass the qualifying examination will disqualify the candidate from re-taking the qualifying exam for 6 months. Payment for the qualifying exam is non-refundable. Please prepare yourself before attempting the qualifying exam.

Registration is open to all individuals who believe themselves to be qualified.

To register:

1) Complete the registration form

2) Sign the policy statement

3) Send the above forms along with the $450 non-refundable registration and written qualifying exam fee to the PAACB administrator at:

P.O. Box 45
Amherst, MA 01004

or fax 866-240-3044

Questions? please send an email to: administrator@PAACB.org