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Recertification Procedures for Spore Analyst Level 1 Certification

We hope all certified analysts have found the PAACB certification program to be a positive factor in your work and we look forward to continuing this relationship.

Before registering, please consult the Guidance Documents and the Summary of Topics for Spore Analyst Level 1 Certification. A candidate should feel confident about the information outlined in these documents. It would be prudent to take the Recertification Exam three months prior to the expiration date of your current certification. Candidates who do not obtain a passing score on the Recertification Exam will be allowed to retake the exam one additional time in an attempt to achieve a passing score. Those candidates who pass the Recertification Exam will extend their PAACB Certification for an additional three years.

Recertification is open to all PAACB Certified Analysts within six months prior to the expiration of their current certification.

The next steps:

Please note:

To register:

1) Complete the Recertification Application form

2) Send the above form along with the $350 non-refundable recertification fee to the PAACB administrator at:

P.O. Box 45
Amherst, MA 01004

or fax: 866-240-3044

Questions? please send an email to: administrator@PAACB.org